Kaliman Kalybek kyzy (Seide)
cast-01 I am a college student in Bishkek and I have never traveled outside of my home country, Kyrgyzstan. Once in January 2015 I had a very vivid dream: I was an actress on a film set and my job was to ride a horse. Two days later I got a phone call from Stanbek Toichubaev who invited me to casting and a couple of days later I was on set training with a wonderful smart horse. It was truly amazing. I was raised in a family that lives very much like Seide’s. Like Seide’s family, my family finds it hard to pay for my studies, but luckily for me, my parents are willing to do their best and support me through college instead of telling me to get married.

Kanat Abdrakhmanov (Father)
cast-04 I was raised by a very strong mother who supported my decision to train as an actor although actors do not make much money. Luckily, I also set out to train as a stuntman and had a great teacher. So, in my film work I am often able to combine the two. Last year I was in Malaysia acting as a double for the lead actor of the Marco Polo TV series. It was a great experience. In January 2015 director Elnura Osmonalieva invited me to join her cast of SEIDE and was very happy to learn that I was also a stuntman and a horse wrangler. That is how I got to train that wonderful horse and I believe it did very well. I had three days to do what would normally take me two months of work.

Razha Alieva (Grandmother)
cast-03 I am a mother of five and a grandmother of thirteen. I am a former nurse who changed into a guest house manager and hosts tourists from all over the world in her home. Previously I had modeled for photography because people think I have a classic motherly face. Director Elnura Osmonalieva is my daughter-in-law and when she invited me to try acting on her set I agreed. It is exciting to be trying something new at my age. I help Elnura with her kids a lot so she can make films.

Stanbek Toichubaev (father’s friend)
cast-02 Many years ago I was a farmer, I drove farm equipment and grew potatoes. Then I found interest in interior design and opened my own guest house in the mountains. Once I was offered a role in a short film I was helping to make. After that I learned I could be a great producer – I know everybody where I live, I am great at organizing and I love being part of a film crew. Now I act in film and many producers ask for my help when they film in my area. I organized casting and location scouting for SEIDE in a matter of hours.

* Ashu guest house