Young Seide lives in a secluded mountain village in the heart of Kyrgyzstan. She loves her freedom to ride her horse, the closest soul she has, and enjoys playing with the village boys. When she is faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage, her family decides to honour the tradition and kill Seide’s horse for the wedding celebration. Upset and feeling voiceless, Seide tries to understand her family’s decision but cannot let her horse be killed. Unfortunately, the horse, like herself, has no way of escape. Alone and broken hearted Seide stays in her old but forever changed world.

I set out to make a sad beautiful film about growing up and having to make hard choices.  As we grow, with increasing frequency, life gives us hard choices and we often need to choose between stepping into the unknown or staying with what you know and feel tied to. Often, we are not able to walk away because of our affections and we stay hostage to our fears.

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